BMM Guitars is an online store that specializes in Custom Shop guitars. We have a physical shop in the North East of Italy and  we keep also part of our stock in Belgium (Brussels, Liege). If you are interested in any of the guitars let us know and we will let you know where it would be possible to test it. We also travel often to The Netherlands, North of France, Paris and the West of Germany, so there are plenty of chances to meet.

We speak Italian, French, Spanish and English. If you write in other languages normally we can figure it out using a translator.

For contacts please write us an to guitarsbmm@gmail.com or message with WhatsApp and Viber +32475963435 to fix a time to call you back.

Due to high turnover on the website you can find only part of the stock. Please contact us for a full list guitarsbmm@gmail.com

What we do besides selling:

    • we are always interested in trading, tell us what you have (the more information you give us the faster is the appraisal) and we will let you know if we are interested and make you an offer.
    • trades can be with multiple guitars, amps or effects; often in the trades we complement with cash if the appraisal of your instruments is higher than what you want to buy
    • if you are looking for a specific guitar please let us know and we can try to find it for you we have a really extended network of clients with guitars that are not on the market yet
    • the search service is valid also for new instruments
    • if you need advice on guitars we can schedule a phone conference and discuss the options available on the market
    • we can also sell your guitars, please contact to know the details.